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17 November 2022

What is the Difference Between a Cat A and Cat B Fit Out?

A cat a fit out specification includes basic finishes on floors, ceilings & the walls. The space will be finished but without fixtures & fittings such as stud partition walls, meeting rooms or zones. The office space will be brought up to a functional state but wont include the final design elements found in the cat b fit office fit out specification.

The three categories of office fit outs:

Shell and core

The core structure of the building is in situ but its just a shell that’s now suitable for a cat b & cat a office fit out. There should be services fitted at this stage such as mains water & mains electrics, but things like suspended ceilings, flooring, walls & lighting are yet to implemented.

Cat A Fit Out

This fit out specification covers the basics required to deliver a functional office without the level of finishes found within a cat b office fit out specification. A typical cat A office fit out will include features like flooring, wall coverings, suspended ceilings, electrical implementation, power & data, toilet areas, fire detection systems & so on. Cat A fit outs deliver functional spaces that do not have the secondary elements of design that make a workspace fit to operate.

Cat B Fit Out

A cat b office fit out involves installing everything that wasn’t put in place at the cat a stage. All the extras needed for an office to function as well as the installation of all the design aesthetics that enhance the spaces appearance. The cat b fit out includes everything from IT, lighting, audio visual, kitchen areas, reception areas, private meeting areas, desking & workstations, furniture, branding & décor. Pretty important we would say!

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